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Chicago Foreclosure Attorney Dan Stamm

"Whether you need time to obtain a loan modification or refinance, or simply keep the bank from forcing you out of your home, you have rights."
Dan Stamm

You worked hard, saved, and bought a home. Now, especially in the current economy, banks are trying to take those homes away from millions of American homeowners who have experienced difficulty in paying their mortgages. Often, these mortgage payments were unfair in the first place. Other times, all you need is a bit of help to get back on top of those mortgage payments. House foreclosure is a frightening prospect for those trying to keep themselves and their families in their homes. Unfortunately, most people do not fight mortgage foreclosure cases. Either they think there is nothing they can do, or they do not know where to turn for help. These situations can seem hopeless, but there is help available.

Chicago Foreclosure Attorney
Daniel O. Stamm has been at the forefront of mortgage foreclosure defense, litigating over a hundred cases since the foreclosure crisis began. Mr. Stamm helped to develop many of the foreclosure defense strategies now used by other attorneys not only in Chicago and Illinois, but also in other states. You can fight your foreclosure case. Banks have made many mistakes in accounting for and tracking mortgages. A foreclosing bank may not even be able to prove ownership of your mortgage.

Whether you need time to obtain a loan modification or refinance, or simply keep the bank from forcing you out of your home, you have rights. Remember, when choosing a mortgage foreclosure defense attorney, you want a lawyer who knows the law. Many aspects of state and federal law can be used to fight your foreclosure. Banks do not want you to know your rights, and you may be the victim of prohibited excessive fees or interest rates, fraud in issuing you a mortgage, fraudulent promises to modify or refinance your mortgage in your favor, or errors in accounting. Most importantly, your mortgage may have changed hands one or more times, and the banks involved may not have adequately transferred your mortgage. You can even challenge a bank’s right to file a foreclosure suit against you.

Chicago foreclosure lawyer Daniel O. Stamm can give you the advice and specific strategy needed for your case. He will review your documents and listen to your needs, and plan a strategy accordingly. Your fees will be flexible and appropriate to your legal strategy.

Warning: Some Chicago foreclosure attorneys will make promises that you will be able to stay in your house for a certain amount of time without having reviewed your case. Without an appropriate review of your case and applying the law appropriate to your case, these promises are probably too good to be true.

Warning: There are many loan modification schemes offering or guaranteeing that you will be able to save your home. These are mostly non-attorneys who do not know the law and are out to scam you. They will charge $1000 or more for doing some paperwork that will not stop your foreclosure. Avoid these scams. You can complete paperwork for your loan modification yourself. If you need help, we can help, but this will be part of a larger foreclosure defense plan. Remember that requesting loan modification will not stop a housing foreclosure case against you.

City unveils new program to
combat home foreclosures
By John Byrne Clout Street :: August 17, 2011
Mayor Rahm Emanuel is targeting nine hard-hit neighborhoods in Chicago's latest effort to stem the tide of home foreclosures and, as with many recent announcements, the mayor is counting on private investment to make his plans work.

The "Micro-Market Recovery Program" is distinct from several attempts by the city to combat the housing crisis in recent years because it better coordinates the efforts of not-for-profits, banks and community groups, the mayor sai While it will start with roughly $15 million in loan money from the John T. and Catherine D. MacArthur Foundation, Emanuel said it also will tap federal funds. And officials will reach out to banks to invest in keeping people in their houses or rehabilitating foreclosed properties, which Emanuel hopes will bring the total to $50 million.

A measure passed by the City Council last month that requires banks to secure and maintain buildings left vacant after foreclosures gives the banks incentive to work with the city, said Andrew Mooney, commissioner for Housing and Economic Development.

"We will approach (banks) and tell them 'You have specific responsibilities in this neighborhood,'" Mooney said.

Emanuel said he chose parts of nine neighborhoods -- Humboldt Park, Chatham, Chicago Lawn, West Woodlawn, Auburn-Gresham, West Pullman, Belmont-Cragin, Englewood and Grand Boulevard -- because they have high concentrations of recent foreclosures and have active community organizations that can help the administration focus its resources.

If you think your foreclosure has been the result of suspect documents, or you are currently facing mortgage foreclosure and want to know if you have a defense against the foreclosure,
contact us today.
Dan Stamm

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